Sony PlayStation Portal



  • SSD
  • 4K Support
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Vibration, Motion Control
  • 1 year
  • USB

KSh 78,000.00


Sony PlayStation Portal  Gaming Console and Price in Kenya

Sony PlayStation Portal Project Q Gaming Console price in Kenya starts from Ksh 78,000.

Key Features:

  • 7-inch 1080p LCD display
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for streaming PS5 games
  • DualSense wireless controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers
  • 7-hour battery life
  • Compatible with select PS4 and PS5 games
  • Lightweight and portable design


The PlayStation Portal features a sleek and compact design, measuring 9.8 inches (250mm) wide, 6.3 inches (161mm) tall, and 1.4 inches (36mm) thick. It weighs approximately 1.1 pounds (500 grams), making it easy to carry and use on the go. The device features a 7-inch 1080p LCD display, providing a clear and vibrant viewing experience for gaming and other activities.


The PlayStation Portal relies on Wi-Fi connectivity to stream PS5 games from a nearby PS5 console. It requires a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection to ensure smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. The device utilizes remote play technology to mirror the PS5’s output, allowing users to control their PS5 games remotely.

DualSense Wireless Controller:

The PlayStation Portal comes with a DualSense wireless controller, the same controller that comes with the PS5. The DualSense controller features haptic feedback, which can simulate different textures and sensations in the controller’s grips, and adaptive triggers, which can provide variable resistance to trigger inputs. These features can enhance the gameplay experience by providing more tactile feedback.

Battery Life:

The PlayStation Portal is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that provides up to 7 hours of battery life under moderate usage. This allows users to enjoy extended gaming sessions without having to worry about constantly recharging the device.


The PlayStation Portal is compatible with a wide range of PS5 and select PS4 games. Users can access their PS5 game library and stream compatible titles remotely to the Portal. However, not all PS5 games are compatible with remote play, and some may require additional setup or adjustments.

Overall, the Sony PlayStation Portal is a convenient and versatile handheld gaming device that allows users to enjoy their PS5 games remotely. It offers a clear and vibrant display, Wi-Fi connectivity for streaming PS5 games, the DualSense wireless controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, a long-lasting battery, and compatibility with a wide range of PS5 and select PS4 games. While it requires a nearby PS5 console and a strong Wi-Fi connection, the PlayStation Portal provides a flexible and portable gaming experience for PS5 owners.view Gaming Console Here


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