Sony PlayStation 5 (ps5) Slim



  • 1 TB Storage, SSD
  • 4K Support, HDR Support
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI
  • Vibration
  • USB

KSh 65,000.00 KSh 109,500.00


Sony PlayStation 5 Slim Gaming Console

Sony PlayStation 5 (ps5) Slim Gaming Console price in Kenya starts from Ksh 65,000

Key Features:

  • Same powerful performance as the original PS5
  • Slimmer and lighter design
  • Removable Blu-Ray disc drive
  • 1TB SSD
  • Support for 4K and 8K resolutions
  • Hardware-accelerated ray tracing
  • Tempest 3D AudioTech
  • DualSense wireless controller with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers


The PS5 Slim features a slimmer and lighter design compared to the original PS5. This makes it easier to fit into entertainment centers and other living spaces. The PS5 Slim also has a removable Blu-Ray disc drive, allowing users to choose whether or not they want this feature.


The PS5 Slim delivers the same powerful performance as the original PS5. It is powered by the same custom 8-core AMD Zen 2 CPU and custom RDNA 2 GPU, providing up to 2.2 times more processing power and up to 7.2 times more graphical performance compared to the PS4. This allows for faster loading times, smoother frame rates, and more realistic graphics.

Hardware-Accelerated Ray Tracing:

The PS5 Slim supports hardware-accelerated ray tracing, a rendering technique that simulates the physical behavior of light to create more realistic lighting effects. Ray tracing can create more accurate shadows, reflections, and refractions, making games look more realistic and immersive.

Tempest 3D AudioTech:

The PS5 Slim features Tempest 3D AudioTech, a new 3D audio engine that can create more realistic and immersive sound effects. Tempest 3D AudioTech can simulate the sound of objects moving around in a 3D space, allowing players to better hear the location of enemies, footsteps, and other environmental sounds.

DualSense Wireless Controller:

The PS5 Slim comes with the DualSense wireless controller, a significant upgrade over the previous DualShock controller. The DualSense controller features haptic feedback, which can simulate different textures and sensations in the controller’s grips, and adaptive triggers, which can provide variable resistance to trigger inputs. These features can enhance the gameplay experience by providing more tactile feedback.

Overall, the Sony PlayStation 5 Slim is an excellent choice for gamers seeking the same powerful performance and features of the original PS5 in a slimmer and lighter form factor. The PS5 Slim’s removable Blu-Ray disc drive option adds flexibility, and the overall design makes it a more aesthetically pleasing addition to living spaces. View Gaming Console Here

Frequently Asked Questions about the Playstation 5 Slim in Kenya

The Playstation 5 Slim has generated a lot of buzz in Kenya since its release. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the console, along with answers tailored to the Kenyan market:

Availability and Price:

  • Q: Where can I buy the PS5 Slim in Kenya?
  • Q: How much does the PS5 Slim cost in Kenya?
    • A: The official price of the PS5 Slim in Kenya is Ksh. 89,999. However, due to limited availability and high demand, the console is often sold at inflated prices by resellers. Expect to pay around Ksh. 88,500 to Ksh. 99,000.

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Q: What are the technical specifications of the PS5 Slim compared to the original PS5?
    • A: The PS5 Slim has the same internal hardware as the original PS5, offering 4K HDR gaming, 120fps refresh rate support, and an ultra-fast SSD. The main difference is the slimmer and lighter design.
  • Q: Does the PS5 Slim have a disc drive?
    • A: Yes, the PS5 Slim is available in both a disc drive version and a Digital Edition that relies solely on digital downloads. The disc drive version is generally preferred in Kenya due to limited and expensive internet access.

Games and Accessories:

  • Q: What games are available for the PS5 Slim in Kenya?
    • A: Most major PS5 titles are available in Kenya, either physically or digitally. Popular games include FIFA 24, God of War Ragnarok, Elden Ring, Gran Turismo 7, and Horizon Forbidden West.
  • Q: Where can I buy PS5 games and accessories in Kenya?
    • A: You can find PS5 games and accessories at the same retailers selling the console. Additionally, online marketplaces like Jiji and Facebook Marketplace offer used games at discounted prices.

Local Considerations:

  • Q: Does the PS5 Slim support the Kenyan power grid?
    • A: Yes, the PS5 Slim uses a universal power adapter and can be plugged into a standard Kenyan power outlet (240V).
  • Q: Is the PS5 Slim interface available in Swahili?
    • A: Unfortunately, the PS5 interface is not currently available in Swahili. However, the system supports English and several other languages.

Additional Tips:

  • Consider buying a used PS5 Slim: Due to the high price and limited availability, buying a used PS5 Original can be a good option. Ensure the console is in good condition and comes with all necessary accessories before making the purchase.
  • Look for bundles: Some retailers offer PS5 Slim bundles that include games and accessories at a discounted price. This can be a good way to save money.
  • Be patient: The PS5 Slim is still in high demand, so it may take some time to find it at the official price. Be patient and keep checking with different retailers.

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