Tecno Pova 6 Neo


  • Dual Sim, 3G, 4G, 5G, VoLTE, Wi-Fi, NFC, IR Blaster
  • Helio G99 Ultimate, Octa Core, 2.2 GHz Processor
  • 8 GB RAM, 256 GB inbuilt
  • 7000 mAh Battery with 33W Fast Charging
  • 6.78 inches Display with Punch Hole
  • 50 MP + 2 MP Dual Rear & 8 MP Front Camera
  • Android v14
  • Bluetooth

KSh 23,400.00 KSh 25,000.00


Tecno Pova 6 Neo Full Specifications and Price in Kenya

Tecno Pova 6 Neo available price in Kenya starts from Ksh 23,400. Take a look at Tecno Pova 6 Neo detailed specifications and features.The Tecno Pova 6 Neo is a mid-range smartphone that aims to deliver a powerful user experience without breaking the bank. It targets users who prioritize performance, a smooth display, and incredible battery life at an attractive price point. Let’s delve into its key features to see if it lives up to the expectations.

Tecno Pova 6 Neo Quick Specifications
Specification Value
CPU 2.2 GHz, Octa Core Processor
Internal Memory 258 GB
Display 6.78 inches, 1080 x 2460 pixels, 120 Hz
OS Android v14
Battery 7000 mAh

Introduction to Tecno Pova 6 Neo

Tecno Pova 6 Neo is one of the flagship products from Tecno Mobile, a technology company that has shown significant growth in recent years. Tecno Mobile, founded in 2006, is part of Transsion Holdings and has focused on providing high-quality devices at affordable prices, especially for emerging markets. The company has expanded its reach to various countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, with the main aim of providing advanced technology that is accessible to all levels of society.

Pova 6 Neo is specifically designed for market segments that prioritize high performance and battery life. Thus, this device becomes an important part of Tecno’s growing product line. The Pova 6 Neo offers a variety of advanced features, including a powerful processor, high-resolution display and large battery capacity, all of which are designed to meet the needs of active and dynamic users.

With an approach that focuses on market needs, Tecno Mobile continues to innovate in presenting relevant and competitive products. The Pova 6 Neo is a clear example of the company’s efforts to combine cutting-edge technology with an affordable price, making it acceptable to a wide audience. Through this device, Tecno Mobile strives to not only meet user expectations, but also set new standards in the smartphone industry.

The ergonomics of the Tecno Pova 6 Neo also deserve praise. Physical buttons such as volume and power are strategically placed on the right side of the device, making it easy to access without the need to change grip position. Apart from that, the fingerprint scanner integrated on the back makes this device safer and more practical. The vertically arranged rear camera design also adds to the overall aesthetics of this cellphone.

Compared to previous models or competitors in the same class, the Tecno Pova 6 Neo has a number of design advantages. One of them is a larger screen-to-body ratio, providing a more immersive visual experience. Apart from that, improvements in materials and finishing make this device look more premium and durable. With all these aspects, the Tecno Pova 6 Neo offers not only performance, but also optimal aesthetics and comfort of use.

Screen and Display

Tecno Pova 6 Neo comes with an impressive screen, offering a satisfying visual experience to its users. The large screen size, namely 6.8 inches, provides sufficient space for various activities such as watching videos, playing games and reading. Full HD+ resolution (1080 x 2400 pixels) ensures a sharp and clear display, allowing small details to be seen clearly.

The display panel used is IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology, which is famous for its accurate color reproduction and wide viewing angles. This means that users can enjoy consistent image quality, even when viewed from different angles. Additionally, the Tecno Pova 6 Neo screen has a refresh rate of 90Hz, which provides a smoother experience when scrolling the screen, playing games, or watching video content.

User experience with the Tecno Pova 6 Neo screen has been very positive. For those who enjoy watching videos, the large screen with high resolution and vivid colors enhances the viewing pleasure. Gamers will also appreciate the 90Hz refresh rate which makes gameplay feel more responsive and fluid. Meanwhile, for readers, the large screen size and clear display make the text easy to read without the need to frequently zoom in.

Overall, the Tecno Pova 6 Neo’s display offers a good combination of technical specifications and user experience, making it a solid choice for those looking for a smartphone with a high-quality display.

Performance and Hardware

Tecno Pova 6 Neo comes with hardware specifications that are quite impressive for its class. Powered by a MediaTek Helio G85 processor, this device is able to provide solid performance for various daily tasks. This octa-core processor is combined with a Mali-G52 GPU, which offers a visual experience adequate for gaming and multimedia needs.

In benchmark testing, the Tecno Pova 6 Neo shows competitive performance in its class. The AnTuTu score achieved is in the range of 200,000 points, which puts it on par with several other devices in the mid-range segment. In real-world testing, this device was able to run popular applications such as social media, video streaming and games smoothly. Heavy games such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile can be played at medium graphics settings without experiencing a significant drop in frame rate.

When compared to other devices in the same class, the Tecno Pova 6 Neo offers a good balance between performance and price. Even though it doesn’t have premium features like flagship devices, the combination of hardware it has is enough to meet the needs of most users. With a more affordable price, the Tecno Pova 6 Neo is an attractive choice for those looking for a device with solid performance without having to spend a lot of money.

Operating System and User Interface

Tecno Pova 6 Neo is equipped with the latest Android operating system, which offers various improvements in terms of performance, security and energy efficiency. The Android version used on this device is Android 12, which is known for its ability to optimize user experience through advanced features and improvements to the user interface (UI).

Navigation in HiOS is very intuitive, with a clean layout and clear icons, making it easy for users to navigate menus and applications. Tecno also provides various customization options, such as themes, wallpapers, and icon layouts, which allow users to change the appearance of the device according to their taste. In addition, HiOS supports various navigation gestures, which makes it easier for users to quickly switch between applications and menus.

Software updates are also one of the advantages of the Tecno Pova 6 Neo. Tecno regularly releases security updates and new features to ensure devices remain secure and up-to-date. Users can easily download and install these updates via system settings, so that the device is always in optimal condition.

Camera and Photography

Tecno Pova 6 Neo offers quite impressive photography capabilities for users who like to capture moments. This device is equipped with a 48 MP resolution main camera which is capable of producing photos with sharp details and accurate colors. The front camera with a resolution of 16 MP is also no less interesting, allowing users to take high-quality selfies and make video calls with satisfactory clarity.

The Tecno Pova 6 Neo not only excels in photography, but also in its video capabilities. This device supports video recording up to 4K resolution, which allows users to produce high quality videos. In addition, the electronic image stabilization (EIS) feature helps reduce shake when recording video, resulting in more stable and professional recording results.

To provide a clearer picture of the quality of the Tecno Pova 6 Neo camera, here are several examples of photos and videos in various lighting conditions. In bright conditions, the resulting photos look very sharp with natural color reproduction. Meanwhile, in low-light conditions, night mode works well to preserve details and reduce noise.

Overall, the Tecno Pova 6 Neo offers a satisfying photography experience with various advanced features that help users produce high-quality photos and videos in various conditions. With a combination of a 48 MP main camera, 16 MP front camera, night mode, and AI scene detection, this device is an attractive choice for those looking for a smartphone with reliable photography capabilities.

Batteries and Charging

Tecno Pova 6 Neo comes with a large capacity battery which is one of its main advantages. With a battery capacity of 6000 mAh, this device is designed to support users’ daily activities without needing frequent recharging. This large battery allows users to enjoy various activities such as playing games, watching videos and browsing the internet more freely throughout the day.

The battery life of the Tecno Pova 6 Neo also provides added value. In daily use with varied activities, the battery can last up to two days. This is of course very beneficial for users who do not always have access to an electrical power source. Apart from that, this device also provides advanced power saving features, such as ultra power saving mode, which can extend battery life when it is in critical condition.

With its large battery capacity, fast charging technology and efficient power saving features, Tecno Pova 6 Neo offers a reliable and long-lasting battery solution. This makes it an ideal choice for users who want a device with superior battery performance.

Price and Conclusion

Tecno Pova 6 Neo comes at a very competitive price in various markets. In Indonesia, this device is priced at around IDR 2,000,000 to IDR 2,500,000, offering quite good value considering the specifications and features it brings. In the international market, the price of the Tecno Pova 6 Neo ranges from $150 to $200, still confirming its position as a


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