Itel 2160


  • Dual Sim
  • 1000 mAh Battery
  • 1.8 inches, 128 x 160 px Display
  • 0.3 MP Rear Camera
  • Memory Card Supported, upto 32 GB
  • Bluetooth

KSh 2,000.00 KSh 2,500.00


Introduction to the itel 2160

The itel 2160 is a mobile phone designed for those seeking a simple, reliable, and affordable device. Ideal for users who primarily need a phone for calls and messages, the itel 2160 stands out for its ease of use and essential features. This device is particularly suitable for the elderly, children, or anyone who wants a second backup option to their main smartphone. Among the main features of the itel 2160, its battery life stands out. Equipped with a 1000 mAh battery, the phone guarantees extended autonomy, allowing you to stay connected for days without the need for frequent recharging. Furthermore, the compact and lightweight design makes the itel 2160 easy to carry, a significant advantage for those who prefer practical and manageable devices. The 1.77-inch QVGA display offers clear and legible viewing, while dual SIM support allows you to manage two phone numbers simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for those who want to separate their personal and professional lives. The itel 2160 also includes a built-in FM radio and an LED flashlight, adding value to its basic features. Finally, the phone is equipped with a VGA rear camera, useful for occasional shots. While not comparable to modern smartphone cameras, this feature adds another level of utility to an already versatile device. In short, the itel 2160 is an excellent option for those looking for an inexpensive phone that does not compromise on essential features.

Design and build

The itel 2160 stands out for its essential but functional design, which meets the needs of an audience looking for an economical and practical device. Made primarily of plastic, the phone offers solid and durable build quality, capable of withstanding everyday wear and tear. Despite the use of less valuable materials, the device does not lose in terms of robustness and reliability, key elements for a phone in this category. The compact size of the itel 2160 makes it extremely manageable. With a thickness of a few millimeters and a light weight, the phone fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, ensuring optimal comfort of use even for prolonged periods. This makes it ideal for people who need a simple and easy-to-use device, without sacrificing practicality. From an aesthetic point of view, the itel 2160 adopts a minimalist approach. The simple and clean lines give the phone a sober and discreet look, suitable for any occasion. The physical keyboard, although it may seem like a dated element, is extremely functional, especially for those who prefer the precision and tactile feel of the keys to touch screens. In short, the design and construction of the itel 2160 perfectly reflect the goal of the device: to offer an economical but effective phone, capable of meeting daily needs without compromising quality and usability. The combination of durable materials, compact size, and simple aesthetics make the itel 2160 an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and practical device.

Display and user interface

The display of the itel 2160 is designed to offer adequate visual quality for a budget phone. With a size of 1.77 inches, the screen is sufficiently compact to ensure optimal handling. The screen resolution is 128 x 160 pixels, which allows clear and legible viewing of main content such as text messages, calls, and phone menus. Despite the small size and limited resolution, the itel 2160’s display does its job well, offering vibrant colors and adequate contrast for a device in this price range. Even in direct sunlight, the screen remains readable, thanks to a brightness that has been well calibrated for everyday needs. Moving on to the user interface, the itel 2160 is equipped with a simple and intuitive operating system, designed to ensure immediate and uncomplicated use. The icons are large and well-distinguished, making it easy to navigate through the various menus. In addition, the phone offers a smooth and responsive user experience, even during prolonged use. The main features of the operating system include contact management, SMS messaging, voice calling, and a series of basic utilities such as a calculator and an alarm clock. The menu layout is linear and orderly, allowing users to quickly access the desired functions without having to go through complex or convoluted menus. In summary, the itel 2160’s display and user interface are designed to offer a simple and direct user experience, ideal for those looking for a no-frills but functional phone. The combination of an adequate screen and an intuitive user interface makes the itel 2160 a reliable choice for those who need a practical and easy-to-use device.

Performance and hardware

The itel 2160 is a device designed to offer a practical and functional user experience while maintaining an affordable price. The heart of the phone is a modest but effective processor, sufficient to handle everyday operations such as calls, messages, and basic browsing. While it cannot compete with high-end devices, the itel 2160’s processor is adequate for the tasks an average user requires from a budget phone. The device’s RAM is 4 MB, an amount that may seem limited compared to current standards. However, considering the nature and target market of the itel 2160, this endowment is more than enough to perform essential functions smoothly. The management of applications and daily operations is fluid, and the phone manages to maintain good responsiveness even with prolonged use. As for internal storage, the itel 2160 offers 4 MB of memory, expandable via microSD card up to 32 GB. This flexibility allows users to store a sufficient number of contacts, messages, and media files without worrying too much about available space. The ability to expand memory is particularly useful for those who want to use the phone as a backup device or for specific purposes, such as storing music or photos. In terms of performance, the itel 2160 performs well in everyday situations. Calls are clear and battery life is remarkable, allowing you to use the phone for several days on a single charge. Although the device is not designed to run complex applications or advanced games, it offers a satisfying user experience for basic functions. In conclusion, the itel 2160 is a valid option for those looking for an economical and versatile phone, capable of performing essential operations with efficiency and reliability.

Camera and multimedia

The itel 2160, while being a budget phone, offers a basic camera section. Equipped with a 0.3 megapixel rear camera, this device is capable of capturing acceptable images in good lighting conditions. The photos are sharp enough for informal everyday use, such as sharing on social media or keeping personal memories. However, in low light conditions, the quality of the images tends to decrease significantly, with visual noise and loss of detail. The camera is not equipped with advanced features such as portrait mode or integrated filters, making it suitable mainly for simple shots. As for video recording, the itel 2160 supports a limited video resolution, which is suitable for short clips but not for high-quality productions. This is not surprising, considering the economic target of the device. On the multimedia front, the itel 2160 offers some interesting features. The phone is equipped with a music player that supports various formats, allowing users to easily listen to their favorite tracks. The audio quality, while not exceptional, is adequate for a device in this price range. The built-in speaker delivers clear sound, although slight distortion may occur at higher volumes. In addition, the itel 2160 includes a video player that allows playback of clips in common formats. Watching videos on this device is facilitated by the 1.8-inch screen, bright enough to ensure decent viewing in indoor environments. However, the small screen size may not be ideal for prolonged consumption of multimedia content. In summary, the itel 2160 offers a set of basic multimedia features that, while not advanced, manage to meet the needs of an average user looking for an economical and functional device.

Connectivity and battery

The itel 2160 stands out as a versatile and inexpensive device, particularly suitable for those looking for a reliable, no-frills phone. In terms of connectivity, the itel 2160 offers a number of essential options. First, the phone supports GSM mobile networks, ensuring solid network coverage for calls and text messages. Although it is not compatible with 3G or 4G networks, its ability to connect to 2G networks is sufficient for basic communications. Another important feature is the presence of Bluetooth. This feature allows you to connect your phone to other compatible devices, such as wireless headphones or portable speakers, making it easy to share files and listen to music wirelessly. However, the itel 2160 does not have Wi-Fi connectivity, thus limiting internet access to situations where a mobile network is available. Moving on to the battery, the itel 2160 is equipped with a removable 1000 mAh battery. This capacity, although modest, is optimized to ensure long life, thanks to the efficient energy management of the device. Under normal conditions of use, the battery can last up to three days on a single charge, which is a significant advantage for those who need a phone that does not require frequent recharging. The itel 2160’s charging time is relatively short, taking about two hours to reach a full charge. This makes it a practical device for those who have a dynamic lifestyle and need a phone that is always ready to use.


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