Apple Vision Pro VR



  • VR & AR Headset
  • Suitable For Entertainment
  • Micro‑OLED Display
  • Custom Prescription Lenses Lens
  • VoiceOver, Zoom, Color Filters, Hearing Device Support, Closed Captioning, Voice Control…
  • Prescription Glass Friendly
  • Micro‑OLED
  • Wi-Fi

KSh 505,000.00 KSh 730,000.00


Apple Vision Pro VR Headset in Kenya and Full Specs

Apple Vision Pro VR Headset price in Kenya starts from 700,000 on Humtech Shop.Apple Vision Pro, announced in January 2024, is a revolutionary augmented reality headset that promises to transform how we interact with technology. Here’s what we know about it so far:

Immersive Experience:

  • Imagine interacting with apps, consuming media, and collaborating in a 3D space that overlays the real world. That’s the core concept of Apple Vision Pro.
  • It utilizes spatial computing technology to create a seamless blend of the physical and digital worlds, offering a truly immersive experience.

Beyond Displays:

  • Ditch the traditional screen. Apple Vision Pro uses advanced optics and sensors to project content directly onto your retinas, providing a personalized and high-resolution view.
  • No bulky headset or heavy displays; just a comfortable and lightweight design that feels almost invisible.

Spatial Interactions:

  • Forget buttons and touchscreens. Apple Vision Pro leverages hand and eye tracking for intuitive control. Imagine manipulating objects, navigating menus, and interacting with apps using natural gestures.
  • Voice commands also play a role, allowing for seamless control and accessibility.

Powerful Performance:

  • Powered by a custom-designed Apple M2 chip and a brand new R1 chip specifically for sensor processing, Apple Vision Pro delivers the performance needed for this demanding technology.
  • Expect smooth visuals, fast response times, and seamless interaction within the augmented reality environment.

Content and Apps:

  • A brand new App Store dedicated to VisionOS, the operating system for Apple Vision Pro, will offer groundbreaking apps built specifically for this platform.
  • Existing iPad and iPhone apps can also be adapted to work in the 3D space, expanding their functionality and potential.

Beyond Entertainment:

  • Apple Vision Pro’s potential extends far beyond gaming and entertainment. Imagine collaborating with colleagues in a virtual workspace, attending meetings in 3D environments, or even learning and exploring new worlds in an immersive way.

Unveiling the Unknown:

  • While exciting, Apple Vision Pro remains shrouded in some mystery. Pricing, exact release date, and specific functionalities are yet to be officially revealed.
  • However, based on available information and Apple’s history of innovation, it’s safe to say that this product has the potential to revolutionize personal computing and redefine how we interact with technology.


  • This information is based on announcements and leaks, and final specifications might differ.
  • The price point and target audience are still unclear.
  • Consider alternatives like Microsoft HoloLens 3 or Magic Leap 2 for comparisons.

Ultimately, Apple Vision Pro represents a glimpse into the future of technology. Its potential for transforming our interactions with the digital world is immense, and it will be interesting to see how it evolves and shapes the future of computing.Veiw Apple Products Here


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