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Apple has introduced the eagerly awaited iPhone 15 Pro, which no longer features the alert slider. Apple has replaced the alert slider with an “Action Button,” a customizable button on the side of the phone that replaces the traditional ring/vibrate switch.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Action Button: What is it?

This “Action Button” is reminiscent of a similar feature introduced on the Apple Watch Ultra, which allows users to trigger various functions with a single press. On the iPhone 15 Pro, this button can be programmed to perform tasks such as launching the camera, initiating a recording, opening a note, or executing custom shortcuts.

How Does the Action Button on iPhone 15 Pro Work?

By default, the button toggles the iPhone between ring and vibrate modes, a crucial function that replaces the long-standing physical ring/vibrate switch that has been a fixture on iPhones since their debut in 2007. Users will experience haptic feedback when the button changes modes, ensuring a tactile confirmation of the switch.

For those who prefer the convenience of silencing their iPhones by feel, the “Action Button” is conveniently located in the same spot as the previous ring/vibrate switch. However, Apple has retained the physical switch on the regular iPhone 15 for users who prefer the traditional approach.

What Functions Can I Program the iPhone 15 Pro Action Button to Perform?

1. Accessibility

Gain instant access to a range of accessibility settings, including VoiceOver, Zoom, AssistiveTouch, and more.

2. Shortcuts

Execute shortcuts, whether created or downloaded from the Shortcuts app, for tasks like sending messages, playing playlists, or controlling smart home devices.

3. Silent Mode

Easily switch between silent and ring modes, muting or unmuting the ringer and alerts, akin to the Ring/Silent switch on previous iPhone models.

4. Camera

Launch the Camera app and capture photos or videos with a single press of the Action button.

5. Flashlight

Toggle the flashlight on or off with a quick press, utilizing the device’s rear-facing light source.

6. Focus

Activate or deactivate a Focus mode tailored to your specific needs.

7. Magnifier

Utilize the Magnifier app, which transforms your iPhone’s camera into a magnifying glass for zooming in on small text or objects.

8. Translate

Effortlessly open the Translate app and initiate conversations or text translations with a single press of the Action button.

9. Voice Memos

Start or stop recording voice memos using the Voice Memos app’s convenient functionality.

While the “Action Button” on the iPhone is more subtle in appearance compared to the Apple Watch Ultra, it still offers a visually noticeable change to the iPhone’s exterior design, a rarity in recent years. This introduction coincides with another major alteration, the adoption of a new USB-C port on the bottom of the device, marking a significant departure from the familiar Lightning port.

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