Hisense 32” Digital Frameless LED TV, Inbuilt Decoder – 32A52KEN

KSh 16,999

  • Screen Size: 32 Inches
  • Display Technology: LED
  • Digital DVB-T2 Ready
  • Resolution: HD Ready; 720p
  • PVR Recording
  • Clear resolution
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Hisense 32” Digital Frameless LED TV, Inbuilt Decoder – 32A52KEN

KSh 16,999

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Hisense 32”A52KEN has a simplistic design that allows it to be able to fit in properly in every space. When compared to its successor Hisense 32A600Fthis model can be seemed as thicker, however, it still has a nice touch. The screen gives you an almost expansive immersive design that will have viewers glued to the screen.

Placed below are two separate feet that hold the TV firmly and have a good feel. Overally, the TV has a slim profile with the port being placed at the back. It measures 717x469x160mm without the stand. When it comes to connectivity, it has 2HDMI ports, a USB slot and Bluetooth connectivity.


This model’s display can be best described as bright and vivid. You will be able to play a lot of Full HD content without hesitation. Similarly, it will also present the option of choosing between Dynamic and Standard Preset. By this, it can switch between various content displays such as colour pop. All content on this model will look captivating and immersive.


You will get a VA panel with this model, therefore, signifying that you will receive good blacks that have little compromised in viewing angles. This TV has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels and also has a smooth motion rate of 120 that allows smooth transitioning of pictures. Motion picture enhancers will use intermediate black frame insertion technology to reduce the twist of moving objects.

It will therefore ensure that the clarity of content is better. You also get Natural colour enhancer that enhances colour reproduction and further improves the perception of reality.


All entertainment that you love will be much better upon hearing thanks to Dolby Audio. Similarly to Hisense 32A71Fthis feature also supports Dolby Audio that brings forth exceptional quality. Dolby Audio brings a breakthrough immersive audio experience through shows, games and spots.

Moreover, it also combines well with the 6Watt audio power output per channel so as to enable you to have a clear and room-filling sound. From movies with fast-paced action to those with ice breaking effects, you can always be certain that Hisense 32A52KEN will always have you sorted out.


When it comes to gaming, Hisense TVs can be acclaimed as the perfect match. With that in mind, this model does not disappoint as it has impressive gaming performance. Hisense 32″A5KEN comes with a low lag input that enables gaming to be nothing short of bliss. Additionally, the HDMI ports allow you to support game consoles such as Play Station and Xbox.

This specific model will also easily support basic gaming but you can opt for Hisense A62G if you are an avid gamer that considers intensive gaming.


Through digital Tuner you will still be able to watch Free to air channels with an antenna. The digital Tuner accepts the TV to receive digital television signals broadcast over the air by local TV stations. It also removes any interference from the signals and converts them to pictures and sounds without having any possible distortion.


For connectivity purposes, you will get RF, AV, Earphone jack, Digital Audio output and 2 USB ports. On the other hand, this TV further has: 2 HDMI port, Optical Digital Audio output and ARC.


Hisense 32” 32A52KEN is a good Frameless Full HDTV that comes with a digital Tuner. The digital Tuner will allow your TV to receive digital TV signals broadcast over the air by Local TV stations. Additionally, it does not require Internet connectivity to play. The TV comes with good colour reproduction in HDR and SDR content so as to make your viewing to be impressive.

Through the natural Color enhancer, your display will have enhanced colour performance. Dolby Audio will also support this TVs audio by giving you impressive HD-quality sound. Hisense 32”A52KEN also comes with Full connectivity that will also have you expanding your TV possibilities with HDMI and USB ports.