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When we think of smartphones, generally we think of devices like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S4. But as a growing number of companies, including Google and Apple, have realized, smartphones are also excellent tools for creating personal online content.We’re used to seeing almost every smartphone out there carrying some kind of video application. Whether it’s live streaming live sports events or taking family photos and sharing them with friends on Facebook Live, there is an entire industry dedicated to creating media experiences that are exciting, engaging and memorable. Check out the top 5 smart phone apps for making the most of your new smartphone:

RAM: 8GB, 12GB

When it comes to creating media experiences, we’ve always loved the idea of carrying a massive pile of music, videos and photos on our person. The Old Iphone with a whopping 8GB of storage could do with a little refresher, but most of us have enough room left over for our media, groceries and other daily needs.The good news is that you can still get this smartphone with a huge 128GB of memory, which is double what you get with the smaller options. As a bonus, you can use that extra space to house your wedding photos or other cherished memories.

Storage: 128GB, 256GB

Black owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be happy to know that the new phone comes with a whopping 128GB of storage. This is the largest storage space available on a Smartphone and it’s ideal for storing all your favorite photos, videos and more.

Battery: 4800 mAh

This is the ultimate battery life phone and it comes with a huge battery that can easily last you for continuous use for up to 8 hours. What’s more, it costs just $URESEK.00 (around $75) and you can get it shipped to your home country.

Camera: 50MP + 13MP + 50MP

We love video and photo experiences but the beauty of these three apps is that you can still create a decent light show when you want to show off your home or business. While the photo app is still the best, you can also use the new Video Camera app to shoot and upload high-res videos.

Selfie: 32MP

If you’re looking for a fun, Instagram-like experience, then the Selfie lens is the phone for you. It lets you shoot low-res photos and videos that you can publish to Facebook and Instagram. This feature is only available in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and it works exactly as designed.

Display: 6.55 inch

We love the big screen on a Smartphone but it’s not the only thing. That distinction goes to the screen itself. The display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is 6.55“, the largest display ever seen on a Smartphone. It’s the ideal size to show off your home or business and can take excellent low-res photos and videos.

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 5G

The built-in network on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is Android’s fastest, which comes in handy when you’re looking to feed the entire house. It’s great to have access to all your favorite apps and games on the same platform and you can streamline the process by connecting your device to a modem or router that supports 5G.

Connectivity: Dual sim, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi

If you want more than one connection on your Smartphone, you can expand its functionality with the added feature of Dual SIMs. This feature lets two users interact with each other on the same network and helps to ensure a smooth experience across both devices.

Colors: Black and White

This is the ideal time to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and we recommend that you do so rightaway. You need to plan ahead because these colors are limited and you can only choose which ones you want to pick out when you order the phone. While you can choose the standard black color, you can also go with the white option to make room for other accessories and make the most of the light on the grounds.

OS: Android 12, ColorOS 12.1

Who said you need an update every year to keep up with the latest trends? We guess not, but you do in fact, and that’s why you need to buy the latest Android phone every year. While the latest version of Android is great for playing games and checking out the latest features, it’s also the perfect platform for using your phone as a TV, radio, or other device that will require constant connectivity.

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